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This week, Ross Taylor has taken time out of a busy clinic to outline some of the key rehabilitation exercises that he finds benefit patients attending Balmoral Physio, and how you can improve your shoulder health!

Our latest blog is going to be providing some helpful solutions to keeping your shoulders healthy and happy! Shoulder pain can happen for many reasons , throughout different age groups but it affects a large number of the population. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint like the hip, but unlike the hip it sits on to a shallow socket – this means that it heavily relies on the shoulder muscles and tendons in the area to keep it secure, strong and pain free!

1: Dumbbell Lateral Raises

A nice simple exercise to begin with. This exercise targets the deltoid muscles which are the small round muscles which sit on the edge of the shoulder at the top of your arm and also the rotator cuff. These muscles and tendons are important to help support a healthy shoulder and the exercise is easy to perform and can be done with weights or household objects. To work the rotator cuff use light weights, to work the deltoids use heavier weights and raise the weights slightly higher!

2: Resisted Lateral Rotation

This exercise helps to develop strength and reduce pain in an acutely sore shoulder. It targets a portion of the rotator cuff with light resisted tension which helps to improve the function of the shoulder. If you have pain that extends into the upper arm from the shoulder – this exercise may be just what you need. There can be some mild discomfort as you perform it, but this should reside as you become more consistent with the exercise.

3: Scapula Squeezes

The shoulder blades play a huge role in keeping the shoulder balanced and working in good order. This exercise engages the muscles that sit between the shoulder blades and attach to the spine, this helps to keep the scapula strong and well aligned. It is common in modern day life to develop poor scapula position due to one handed use and repetitive tasks at work. This exercise helps promote a great shoulder posture.

4: Elastic Step and Raise

Keeping the shoulders strong through all of their movement range is important. This exercise uses elastic bands to load up the rotator cuff and the movement you perform takes the shoulder through its full range to keep it mobile. This exercise would be perfect for warming up before a workout or as a maintenance exercise to help promote healthy shoulders.

5: Overhead Shoulder Press

This is the ultimate shoulder exercise and slightly more advanced! The shoulder press exercise works all of the muscles and tendons in the shoulders and upper back. It is a very good exercise which translates to everyday function and makes us stronger for our daily tasks. You can perform this with cans of food, dumbbells or a barbell. Each variation of the exercises has its own benefits but essentially has the same aim!

Cheers Ross! Don’t forget that although these are considered fairly regular activities to perform, this is generic advice and should not be performed if you have any doubts about your shoulder health without the clearance from a physiotherapist or your GP if required.

We hope you have found this information regarding 5 exercises to help improve your shoulder health very helpful. Share this with someone who you think needs to see this – we’ve helped you out by posting it on our Facebook and Instagram pages too. And do get in touch if you are struggling with your shoulder and let’s talk about how we can help!

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