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This week, Meet The Team sees us head back up to the North East as we take a look at Gosforth’s very own Gail Smith!

We’ll continue to showcase a different member of our squad across the network of clinics and help you get to know them a little better.

Why did you choose to go into physiotherapy?

As someone who always played sport I always had an interest in how the muscles worked, the body moved and functioned and sports injuries. Physiotherapy seemed an obvious choice for those interests and when I looked into physiotherapy and saw the variety of careers within the profession I decided it was for me. 

What areas of physiotherapy have you worked in?

I completed all my junior rotations and enjoyed paediatrics and orthopaedics but my interest had always been towards MSK and I’ve specialised in this area ever since. I have worked a mixture of NHS, private clinics and private company covering GP surgeries, NHS rehab and occupational health. I have always had a second job working in ice hockey for Newcastle Vipers and currently Whitley Warriors. 

If you were a biscuit, what would you be?

Custard cream – crunchy on the outside – soft in the centre!  

Do you have a favourite quote?

‘’Always pack your own parachute ‘’ 


What has been your greatest personal achievement?

Becoming a qualified ice skating teacher. 

What is your mantra?

Always treat others how you would like to be treated  

Most pointless talent?

Being able to ice skate! 

What are your simple pleasures?

Bird watching, walking and drinking gin (not always at the same time!)  

You’re cooking for three dinner guests – who would they be and what would you cook?

  • Simon Reeve
  • Levison Wood
  • Wayne Gretzky

Thai or Indian food!

Thanks Gail! Check back in a few weeks’ time to see the next Meet The Team candidate!

Stay updated on all of our goings on by heading to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Don’t forget to contact us with any of your injury concerns or see our list of clinics to find out if we’re in your area and able to help.

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