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“Having a normal knee would make life a lot easier.”

Sir Andy Murray

Whilst we think Andy has bigger issues to attend to with his hip, we can’t help but agree with him on this. Knees are fundamental to nearly all of our daily activities, from navigating in and out of chairs to driving, to walking up and down stairs…even just standing still requires our knees to be in good condition.

So when the time comes for our knees to give us bother, we can really start to feel a physical and emotional impact as our routines become disturbed if we don’t take charge of managing the symptoms.

Have you ever twisted your knee and heard an almighty crack before a sudden pain?

Or slipped on a wet surface and felt the inside of your knee strain?

What about the times when you’ve increased your training or activity efforts, only to find that certain parts of your knee now ache, even when resting?

There are many ways to irritate the knee joints, but the above are just some of the more common stories we hear in our clinics. Thankfully, we believe we can help you to improve your situation no matter what the story is.

Wonderful – how?

As with our previous season of blogs (see The Shoulder Series), over the next few weeks together we’ll explore:

  • How the knee joints work
  • Common knee complaints we see in our clinics
  • When to seek help for a knee pain or symptom issue
  • Knee exercises we think you might like to try
  • Ways in which you can protect yourself from knee injury
  • Real-life examples of the role physiotherapy can play in recovery from knee injuries

This series will feature weekly on a Wednesday via Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, should you need any advice on your knee symptoms – or in any other region for that matter – get in touch and we can discuss ways to support you further.

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